Dr. Sumit Sinha - Patient Reviews and Testimonial

A happy patient with “Arnold Chiari malformation” consulted us at Paras Hospitals. foramen magnum decompression was done by Dr Sumit Sinha. After the surgery, he had a perfect course of recovery and his family is very happy with his treatment.

A happy patient diagnosed with K/C/O congenital hydrocephalus with suprasellar arachnoid cyst. Endoscopic cyst fenestration with (Rt) VP shunt procedure was performed. Now the patient is living a healthy life.

Happy Patient | Diagnosed- l2-3, l3-4 PIVD with LCS | Dr Sumit Sinha.

happy patient with D8 vertebral hemangioma with cord compression || Dr.Sumit Sinha.

Happy Patient with right temporal-parietal sol | Dr.Sumit Sinha

Happy patient | Diagnosed- left sphenoid wing meningioma | Dr.Sumit Sinha

Lecturing on Minimally invasive spinal surgery at recently concluded meeting by Artemis hospitals Gurugram.