What is Spine Cancer ?

Any growth or tumor on the spine, whether cancerous or not, can trigger the normal functioning of nerves causing discomfort, neurological defects and even paralysis in some cases. Some other symptoms of such tumors (cancer) can be. Contact Dr Sumit Sinha for spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon. The spine tumor surgery cost in India is much lower than in any other country.

  • Loss of sensation or muscle weakness in the chest, arms, and especially legs.
  • Trouble in walking, which may cause falls.
  • Stiff neck or back.
  • Pain and neurologic symptoms (such as tingling) increase with the manoeuvre.
  • Diminished sensitivity to cold, heat and pain.
  • Loss of bladder or bowel function.
  • Paralysis in various body parts depends on which nerves are compressed.
  • Scoliosis or other spinal deformities.

Spinal cancer (tumor) can be classified according to its location, as follows:

  • Extradural - beyond the dura mater lining (most common).
  • Intradural - part of the dura mater lining.
  • Intramedullary - within the spinal cord.
  • Extramedullary - inside the dura but outside the spinal cord.
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Spinal Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon Via Endoscopic Removal

Endoscopic removal of spinal cancer is the primary spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon. It is a much more accessible, effective and painless treatment than the traditional method. The patient also recovers faster. It is a minimally invasive procedure of removing the tumor from the spine and takes about 45 minutes. Both the non-cancerous (benign) and infected spine tumors are treated through this procedure. However, there are a couple of deciding factors for the surgery. These are as follows:

  • The stage of the cancer-it is crucial to know the stage of the tumor. Early detection is undoubtedly an advantage over late detection.
  • The type of tumor (whether it is malignant or non-cancerous) will also help treat the tumor. A malignant tumor may spread to nearby tissues fast.
  • The size of the tumor, its location and growth-A tumor that causes more severe complications such as weakness, numbness, and neurological problems may take longer to recover.
  • Compression in the nerve of the spinal cord- Two types of therapy are given to compress the spinal cord nerve. These are radiation therapy and physical therapy. Radiation therapy will help in shortening the tumor in the spinal cord. Physical therapy will include exercises to strengthen your back, leg muscles and abdomen.
  • Spinal instability-this will also be considered before the surgery.

How severe is this condition?

A spinal tumor is when the mass of tissue is formed in or around the spinal cord or spinal column. This can grow at a fast pace without any control. Spinal tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Spinal tumors can be referred to by the spine area such as thoracic, sacrum, lumbar and cervical.

Usually, the spinal tumor spreads to a person from other body parts such as the breast, prostate, and lungs. A person suffering from any of these cancers is likely to suffer from the spinal tumor as cancer from the lung/prostate or breast is likely to spread to the spine in the form of a spinal tumor.

A spinal tumor can be very painful and can develop neurological issues, and a person may even have paralysis. It is a very severe condition and can result in permanent disability; hence it is essential that the spinal tumor is diagnosed and treated at the earliest with the best available care. Contact Dr Sumit Sinha for spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon. The spine tumor surgery cost in india is much lower than in any other Asian country.

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Why is Spinal Cancer Treatment Desirable?

  • Minimally invasive – The minor cuts make the surgery with minimal scars.
  • More success rate – This spine cancer treatment in Gurgaon is higher than the traditional one.
  • Early recovery – The patients get recovered in a shorter time.
  • Lesser blood loss – There is minimal loss of blood during the procedure.
  • Cost-effective - Spine tumor surgery cost in India is comparatively much lower than in other countries.
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Diagnosis of Spinal Tumor in Gurgaon.

To determine the location and extent of the tumor, some radiological tests are required for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Plain spinal x-ray: Using radiation to produce a film or picture of a particular part of the body can show the structure of the vertebrae and the outline of the joints. X-rays of the spine help study the possible causes of pain, i.e. tumors, fractures, infections, etc. However, x-rays are not always reliable in diagnosing tumors.
  • Computed tomography scan (CT or CAT scan): A CT or CAT scan can provide a further detailed picture of the particular body part. It can let us see the shape and size of the spinal canal, its contents and other structures in the vicinity. CT scan is very good at envisaging bony structures.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):An MRI is an imaging technique that produces 3-d images of body structures using powerful magnets and computer machinery. Through this diagnostic test, you can get the detailed form of the spinal cord, nerve roots, and surrounding areas, as well as enlargement, degeneration, and tumors.
  • Bone scan:This diagnostic test is used as an adjunct for detecting bone tumors (such as primary bone tumors of the spine), any toxicity, and diseases involving abnormal bone metabolism using technetium-99.

If you are seeking spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon, then the doctor may also ask you for the following diagnosis techniques:

  • Electrical conduction tests (at the time of surgery)
  • Angiogram
  • CTs with and without contrast dye
  • Myelogram
  • Lumbar puncture
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Spinal Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon

A neurosurgeon determines whether a tumor is operable or not. Suppose any person suffers from a spinal tumor. In that case, it must be treated with immediate attention and the utmost care, failing, which can result in permanent damage to the spinal cord and its related organs. Contact Dr Sumit Sinha for spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon. The spine tumor surgery cost in india is much lower than in any other country.

Some spinal tumors can be treated through non-surgical treatments such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Monitoring and
  • Other drugs

However, some spinal tumors require surgery to provide proper treatment to the patient. During surgery, doctors consider several factors, including age and the patient's overall health. Due to advanced technology, these complex surgeries can be performed with ease and proper care.

How is Spinal Cancer Treatment done?

The treatment of benign and malignant primary tumors usually involves surgery. Surgery is the successful treatment for amputating spinal tumors located outside the spinal cord. This is accomplished by removing vertebrae, which also prove beneficial for easing pain and other symptoms by reducing pressure on the spinal nerves.

Radiation therapy in Spinal cancer treatment

This is the primary cure for tumors where the spinal cord is compressed. Physical therapy is recommended for recapturing strength and muscle control post-surgery or radiation therapy.

Spinal decompression surgery in Spinal cancer treatment

Different actions for reducing symptoms due to compression or pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord are used in spinal decompression surgery. Collapsing of joints (bulging discs), bony outgrowths and untied ligaments may narrow the spinal nerve openings and the spinal canal also sometimes results in irritation.

Spinal stenosis surgery in Spinal cancer treatment

Under spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the spinal column due to pressure on the spinal cord or narrowing of the neural foramina and where the spinal nerve exits from the spinal column are done.

Cyberknife in Spinal cancer treatment

Cyberknife is a technique that delivers precise doses of radiation to spine tumors without affecting nearby structures and tissues. This technique can even treat inoperable tumors, and cyberknife techniques combined with chemotherapy and surgery can provide many benefits compared to traditional radiation therapy. Some of its benefits include –

  1. Lesser recovery time with no side effects.
  2. Painless non-invasive technique.
  3. This technique does not affect or damages healthy tissues.

Endoscopic spinal surgery for Spinal cancer treatment

The endoscope helps the surgeon to get a clear and more precise view of the area with the tumor. This helps perform the surgery with the utmost care and precision and less pain. High-resolution microscopes are used in surgery which helps to remove even delicately occurring intradural tumors.

Pre-surgery majors for spinal cancer treatment in Gurgaon

To get Spine cancer treatment in Gurgaon, a patient is required to prepare himself and take a few precautions and steps such as:

  • Work out or exercise regularly to improve immunity and recovery power.
  • Stop taking medicines without consultation with your doctor.
  • Patients with a habit of smoking and drinking must stop their intake a few weeks before the surgery.
  • Undertake tests and diagnostics, and precautions as advised by the surgeon.

Post-surgery care for spinal cancer treatment

Spine cancer treatment is a complex procedure; however, it does not require rigorous care after the surgery. Some of the precautions to be taken are:

  • The patient should avoid any kind of lifting for 4-8 weeks.
  • In some cases, therapy is advised for some time after the surgery.
  • Twisting and bending should be avoided at all costs for a few weeks.
  • Any rigorous workout or exercise should be avoided.

Spinal tumor surgery cost in Gurgaon: why us?

Advancement and development in medical facilities have provided several options for providing the best care to the patient. One such advancement for treating spinal tumors is endoscopic spinal surgery which provides the best results. Since it is a very advanced procedure, it can involve a huge cost. Spinal tumor surgery costs a fortune in various developed countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Many countries also face the challenge of the long and unpredictable waiting list for this surgery. Also, many underdeveloped and developing countries don't have reliable facilities for spine cancer treatment. All of the above make Gurgaon the best location for spinal cancer treatment where you can get it done with the best of the surgeons and technology at very nominal charges and without a waitlist. We at Paras Hospital provide the best endoscopic spine surgery in Gurgaon with the latest technology and best of the surgeon at most nominal prices. Dr. Sumit Sinha treats spinal tumors even in the most inaccessible areas.

How many international patients came to India for spinal cancer treatment?

The main reason for the increased number of overseas patients in India for medical treatment is the availability of the world's famous doctor in India for spinal cancer treatment, low prices and excellent tourism options, air connectivity, and many more. The list of the top 10 countries from where patients travel to India for spinal cancer treatment is mentioned below. The maximum number of patients for spine cancer treatment comes from –UK, Australia, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sri - Lanka, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Oman.

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