Pediatric Neurosurgery in Gurgaon

Pediatric neurosurgery is a surgical procedure related to the brain, nervous system and spinal cord of children suffering from neurological issues. It is a sub-speciality of neurosurgery. The anatomy and physiology of children are different from adults.

The pediatric neurosurgery is for the following:

  • Pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors: This surgery removes the abnormal growth of the cells in the brain and spinal cord.
  • Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs): When arteries and veins do not connect, this neurosurgery is performed to treat the same.
  • Hydrocephalus and brain cysts: Hydrocephalus is found in children due to tumor, genetics or prematurity. This surgery is done to remove these tumors.
  • Craniosynostosis: It causes problems in the normal growth of the brain and skull of babies. Pediatric neurosurgery is performed to treat craniosynostosis.
  • To treat the birth defects in the brain and spine of children, which are spinal lipomas, encephaloceles, myelomeningocele, tethered spinal cord etc.
  • Epilepsy surgery: Epilepsy surgery is done to remove the area of your brain to eliminate seizures.
  • Functional neurosurgery: Functional neurosurgery is done to restore the neurological condition and function.
  • Neurosurgical trauma: Neurosurgery performed over the traumatic injury.
  • Cerebral aneurysm, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, dystonia etc.

Lecturing on Minimally invasive spinal surgery at recently concluded meeting by Artemis hospitals Gurugram.