Spinal Tuberculosis Treatment

Spinal tuberculosis is also known as tuberculosis spondylitis or pott’s disease. It is a rare type of disease of spinal infection caused by an extraspinal infection. This disease is a combination of bone infection and arthritis, which involves multiple vertebrae. It mainly affects the tissues outside the lungs, including the spine. The upper lumbar vertebrae and lower thoracic are the most affected spine areas.

The spinal involvement of lower thoracic vertebrae is 40-50%, followed by the lumbar spine with 35-45%. About 10% of the pott’s diseases involve the cervical spine.

Localized tenderness, a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscle/group of muscles, restricted movement with the spine, spinal deformity and neurological shortcomings are some of the physical findings for tuberculosis of the spine. Contact Dr Sumit for spinal tuberculosis treatment in India. .

Spinal Tuberculosis Diagnosis Techniques:

  • Blood test (CBC – Complete Blood Count)
  • Tuberculin Skin Test (Mantoux test)
  • Radiography of spine (X-rays, Gamma rays)
  • Bone scanning
  • Computed tomography (CT scan)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) .

Symptoms of Spinal Tuberculosis

Spinal tuberculosis is usually located in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar vertebrae. Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of this disease. Fever, night sweat, weight loss and malaise are the early signs and the symptoms of tuberculosis. The patient faces difficulty with standing with the worsening of it. Stiffness in walking, unyielding posture and swelling at the injection site are associated with the weakness of the leg. If it is left untreated, it may lead to paralysis of the legs.

Spinal Tuberculosis treatment

If it can be detected at the earlier stages, treatment can lower the risk of severe nerve damage. Surgery is one of the most reliable forms of treatment, as surgeons can remove and replace the affected discs with artificial ones. Contact Dr Sumit Sinha for the best spinal tuberculosis treatment in India.

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