overweight cause Back Pain

Can being overweight cause Back Pain?

Obesity, according to medical experts, is a condition. Obesity and overweight are major health problems that may impact anybody, even children. Most of you are undoubtedly aware that obesity may lead to serious health problems such as coronary heart disease (CAD), diabetes, hypertension, and colon cancer. If you are suffering from back pain, call and book your appointment with Dr. Sumit Sinha best neurosurgeon in Gurgaon.

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Brain Tumor : Types, Symptoms & Treatments

Brain Tumor is the mass growth of abnormal cells in the brain. The brain is located in the skull, any growth inside this restricted space can cause a problem. There are many types of brain tumors. They can be cancerous or non-cancerous. These tumors can grow and cause pressure inside the skull to increase.Brain tumors that begin in the brain are called primary tumors and tumors that grow in other parts of the body and ultimately spread to the brain are called metastatic brain tumors. The treatment of a brain tumor depends on the size, type, and area of a brain tumor.

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What is a Brain stroke?

A Brain stroke happens when the blood supply to your brain gets obstructed either by a blocked/ clogged artery or a burst artery. The blocked or clogged artery causes ischemic stroke and the burst artery causes a hemorrhagic stroke. When there is a less or insufficient supply of blood to the brain, it damages the oxygen-deprived brain cells. Clot-busting drugs are used to treat ischemic stroke, whereas surgery is required to treat hemorrhagic stroke.

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