Spine Cancer Patient treated Successfully in a 14-hours long Operation

-Prof Sumit Sinha @Paras Hospitals Gurugram

A 46 year old lady came to paras hospital with complaints of pain in lower back for last two months, which was severe enough to restrict her lifestyle and she was on pain relieving medications on a daily basis. We investigated the patient and found a cancerous tumor in the vertebral body of the spine (L2 chordoma). The nature of the tumor demanded an imminent surgery to rid the patient of this cancerous tumor. Since the tumor was restricted to the one vertebral body of the spine, hence the surgery was planned in such a way so as to remove the entire vertebral body out in a single piece, containing the tumor inside, avoiding any spillage of cancerous tumor cells inside during the surgery. This was the only way for maximal chances of cure or providing a long tumor free period to the patient.

The surgery was planned accordingly, and a team of doctors including neurosurgery team (led by Prof Sumit Sinha), surgical oncology team (led by Dr Rudra Acharya), Cardiothoracic team (led by Dr Mahesh Wadhwani) and urology team (led by Dr Sumit Sharma); performed a marathon surgery lasting 14 hours at Paras hospital, Gurugram. The surgery was done in two stages- first from behind and than from front in the same day. The surgery turned out to be successful and the patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Her symptoms completely disappeared and patient is back home now pain free, resuming her normal daily activities of living. Such surgeries are very rarely done anywhere else in the world even at high volume centres. These surgeries have been routinely performed at Paras hospital by Prof Sumit Sinha, with excellent outcomes. Prof Sumit Sinha is a master neurosurgeon with a rich experience of 22 years in brain and spine surgery. He has been Ex-professor of Neurosugery at All India Institute of medical sciences, New Delhi, and has performed thousands of complex brain and spine surgeries with amazing outcomes. He has special expertise in minimally invasive and endoscopic brain and spine surgeries. He is visited by several young surgeons from across the country and world, on a regular basis, who come to learn brain and spine surgeries under his guidance.

Lecturing on Minimally invasive spinal surgery at recently concluded meeting by Artemis hospitals Gurugram.